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Last researchtrip to Poland

In the middle of May, I went on my third and last trip to Poland to meet up with Aleksandra Szulc, a trainer and Grand Prix rider with a training center outside of the town Lodz situated in the middle of Poland.

My husband and me took the ferry from Nynäshamn to Gdansk where we met up with Magdalena Gajewska, a researcher from Gdansk University. She showed us Hipodrom, a very modern training centre situated in Sopot about 20 kilometer west of Gdansk. We were amazed by the big area with modern stables, riding halls, outside arenas and a huge area for eventing. The facility was close to a beach of over 10 kilometer. We watched a private lessen with Magdalenas eight year old daughter.

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The following day we traveled to Lodz and met up with Aleksandra and her sister Joanna at SKJ Golden Dream. It was a very nice facility with stables for 39 horses, riding hall, outside arena, horse walker and some paddocks. Most horses are privat owned and they have an interesting system where the owners ride three times per week and Aleks and her staff ride the rest of the week.


We videorecorded three individual lessons given by Aleksandra. One was a rider on a very nice horse used for paraolympic games but also ridden by a junior rider that sometimes compete with the horse in traditional competitions. The second was a young rider on a six year old horse and the third rider was competing internationally at her last year as young rider.


All riders were very nice, openminded and ambitious. I liked Aleks way of teaching since I thought that she had a very nice feeling for both riders and horses. It was a very nice and positive atmosphare during the lessons. Aleks seems to have a lot of experience from working with rider-horse combinations for her age (she just became thirty years old this year). The following weekend she was going to an international competition in Munchen to compete in Grand Prix with her horse Rumba Hit that she has educated herself.

Aleks used a microphone connected to the rider and this meant that she did not need to shout. The lessons were held in English since two of the riders were university students. During the interviews with the riders I got help with the translation by aleks sister Joanna so it went very smooth.


I am impressed by the skilled and hard working trainers that I have met during my visits in Poland. and from the nice riders that are willing to share their thoughts on communication between themselves and their horses. Equestrian Sport is growing in Poland and it will be interesting to follow the development.

I have now all together 27 taped interviews with riders and 9 with trainers to analyse and a few more articles to write. This will keep me busy for the next one and a half year!

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